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2017 Practice Transformation Round Up: What Our Clients Have Said About Us

By: rnickerson Wednesday December 20, 2017 comments

From achieving recognition to hitting milestones in a value-based plan to optimizing workflow processes, HealthTeamWorks helped several practices meet a variety of different and important goals throughout the past year. Here are some shared key learnings in application:


Deep knowledge: “We were not new to this work. But even with our experience, we were extremely grateful to have [our coach’s] support moving through this process. [Her] deep knowledge of the NCQA application requirements and how it translates to implementing internal policies to make change, using real-life examples and guidance, helped us create and update policies and successfully complete our application, achieving a 3-year NCQA recognition.” 

Use of examples: “Using real-life examples and templates provided by our practice facilitator, we were able to tweak some policies and received guidelines around specific best practices to update others. For example, we didn’t have a policy around taking appointments and routine care. Showing examples around what worked with other groups allowed me to bring to the table a sample, show individuals what we could do, and develop a policy to present to be implemented.” 

Effective tools: “The [PCMH] grant helped provide structure to achieve our goals and combat challenges common in a residency program. The program was structured to empower staff to take leadership roles due to high residency and provider turnover. The QI tools provided by HealthTeamWorks helped to engage the team to address challenges, like high turnover. The tools created infrastructure, while the coaching helped to tailor the tools and resources for our teams; these two elements helped us to ultimately develop a strategic plan and then figure out how to actually implement it.” 

One-on-one attention: “[Our coach] was extremely knowledgeable around the process and what needed to be done [to get the recognition]. We sent her documents to review and ask questions; she was easy to schedule a time to meet and her turnaround was quick.”   

Increased capacity: “[Our practice] really struggled to capture EMR data and hit the benchmarks in the time that the grant identified. Working with HealthTeamWorks coaches, I received tools and best practices to share with the physicians and the team. This project helped to further identify challenges faced and what needed to be done to come up with a solution, including the importance of data and reporting, which was brought back and shared with the team.

Support & encouragement: "The longer that I worked in the role, I was increasingly able to see and communicate the value of the work and support that the coaches provided us. HealthTeamWorks provided [me] tremendous encouragement and support to assert leadership and knowledge around QI and PCMH processes. Ultimately, all of quality metrics [we looked at] improved over the course of the grant period. I feel good about those. It was the result of the persistence over time that led to improvement. "

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