HealthTeamWorks’ model of Practice Transformation captures more than twenty years of experience gained training hundreds of practices to improve their work and optimize patients’ experience of care. Our approach builds on the existing strengths of practices and advances networks toward achieving the Quadruple Aim and including a fifth aim of optimizing business processes. The 5-Point Aims are increased clinical quality, lowered costs, improved patient experience, workplace satisfaction, and thriving healthcare businesses.

Nationwide, forward-thinking providers of care are not merely responding to the existing trends in reimbursement, they are proactively planning transformation for both near-term and long-term success in the shift from volume-to-value. Successful transformations focus on the impact and value of the journey, rather than a static ending point.

Practice Transformation at HealthTeamWorks is a data-informed, outcome-based approach to advanced primary and specialty care. Operationalizing medical home and building block concepts are not sufficient unless those functions result in measurable improvement in quality outcomes, affordable care (total cost of care), and practice vitality.  Healthcare is indeed local, and therefore dependent on patient & family engagement, integrated services, community-clinical linkages, and parallel transformation across settings.

Kristi Bohling-DaMetz, RN, BSN, MBA

Chief Strategy Officer, HealthTeamWorks

HealthTeamWorks Advanced Primary Care Model

HealthTeamWorks Current Projects

HealthTeamWorks uniquely engages with innovation models by both providing faculty to develop learning content and events for practices involved in CPC+ nationwide and by providing direct practice transformation support and Clinical Health Information Technology Advising (CHITA). The total number of practices currently impacted by our innovative services include:


CPC+ National

National Learning Network Facilitation



Regional Learning Network Facilitation



Regional Learning Network Facilitation



Coaching and HIT Support



Coaching, HIT Support, and Behavioral Health Integration support



Transformation Support

HealthTeamWorks Transformation Approach

HealthTeamWorks begins with a comprehensive practice evaluation based on our Advanced Primary Care Evaluation Matrix using evidence-based tools. These tools provide insight into the previous transformation efforts of the practice as well as culture and readiness for change. The findings are integrated to develop an individualized approach and roadmap for each practice and individual sites.

Advanced Primary and Specialty Care Model: Our Commitment to Transformation

No two practice transformation implementation plans will be identical as all practices have unique strengths and opportunities for improvement as well as specific quality improvement goals and milestones.

For Integrated Delivery Networks, HealthTeamWorks defines four Domains of Performance supported by Pillars of Performance. Advanced Systems of Primary and Specialty Care & Advanced Team Work comprise one such Pillar of Performance, the success of which is driven by Practice Commitment, Practice Model and Support for Advanced Systems of Practice.


High-value population health management requires a foundation of high-performing, team-based primary care powered by high-value clinically relevant data analytics and IDN support services (including PI, coaching, HIT); effective patient-centered care across the network also requires specialty care providers/practices develop high-functioning teams (and other best practices of APC).


Driving Clinical and Business Successes

With more than 20 years of experience in patient-centered practice and system transformation, HealthTeamWorks applies proven best-practices to our network client engagements. This 5-Part Aim IMPACT Portfolio focuses on the DNA of high-performing networks and on HealthTeamWorks’ impact data which demonstrates the breadth and depth of our team’s subject matter expertise. We meet our network clients where they are on the journey from volume-to-value and empower delivery system changes, provider collaboration and market leading improvements to achieve the 5-Part Aim: improved clinical care and patient experience, lowered costs, workplace satisfaction, and thriving healthcare businesses.

5-Part Aim Impact Portfolio


As an organization committed to healthcare transformation, HealthTeamWorks engages in and facilitates innovative approaches and strategic solutions resulting in value-based care delivery. Our Services are enhanced by these and other offerings: