Trainings to address Colorado’s opioid use epidemic

HealthTeamWorks offers five hours of on-site trainings geared to address the opioid-use epidemic with curriculum developed by IT MATTRs 2, a Colorado statewide initiative. This is a no-cost training and eligible providers and practices will receive compensation for the completion of the IT MATTRs 2 curriculum. 

Eligibility and How it Works

Any practice with at least one provider with a waiver to prescribe buprenorphine is eligible for the program. If you currently do not have a provider with a waiver, the next provider training will take place on December 1st; see below for details around the provider-compensated training opportunities. 

Provider Training & Compensation

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  • MDs, DOs and Residents will be compensated for completing the 8 hours required to complete the waiver training, at a rate of $95 per hour
    • $95 x 8hrs = $760*

*Participating providers that apply for the DEA waiver will receive an additional $240

  • NPs and PAs will be compensated for completing the 24 hours required to complete the waiver training, at a rate of $75 per hour
    • $75 x 24hrs = $1,800*

*Participating providers that apply for the DEA waiver will receive an additional $240 

Onsite Practice Facilitation

The curriculum will provide practice staff members with the knowledge and tools that are essential to support a comprehensive MAT (medication assisted treatment) program for patients with OUD (opioid use disorders) within their clinic. Practices must commit to having staff receive the 5 hours of training on the IT MATTTRs Curriculum in order to receive the Practice Compensation; see below for details.

Practice Compensation

  • Practices will be compensated $1,400 for completing the five one-hour training series. Practices who are currently participating in SIM are not eligible to receive additional compensation beyond their achievement-based payments, but are encouraged to incorporate the IT MATTTRs curriculum into their efforts.


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How our health team works with yours

HealthTeamWorks workplace development trainings and workshops started in 2010, evolving into a nationally recognized program. What makes our training unique and successful is that we provide attendees the opportunity to learn from, shadow and network with our experienced trainers. With access best practice tools and resources, participants have a road map to reference and a peer learning community to ask questions as they return to their practices and organizations to apply their new learnings. Graduates report that our programs increase their confidence to support practices on their transformation journey and their supervisors have noted the cost and time value of attendance.

Join us in changing the healthcare delivery system one provider at a time, contact us to learn more about our different offerings, including custom trainings for your health team.

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