It's difficult to manage day-to-day operations, clinical demands, workforce development challenges, and keep the pace required to adapt to industry changes.  Whether you're an independent practice or part of an integrated physician organization or delivery network, these resources will help you maximize growth and sustainability in this ever-changing environment.

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What is Data Validation?


Department: "Triage" 

Area of Concern: "Department Overwhelmed"

Case Study

Department: "Scheduling" 

Area of Concern: "Appointment No Shows"

Case Study


Change resistance is the tendency to reduce change even when a large amount of force is applied. There are two forms:  individual and systemic.


Change fatigue is a passive resignation toward change by individuals or teams. It is a general sense of apathy often due to former change efforts being unfocused, uninspired, or unsuccessful. It can be a result of continuous change efforts without a break.

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