Technology has become a significant part of healthcare delivery.  Clinicians and leaders are actively evaluating technology needs and ways to maximize functionality.  This section includes information regarding EHRs, registries, telehealth, data warehouses, analytic tools, and solutions that connect disparate systems.  Additionally, technology is being used to strengthen post-acute follow-up and patient engagement with bio-monitoring tools and wearables.  Innovation abounds.  This section will provide insight to technology options, when technology is needed and how to position it in the practice or integrated network.


Documenting workflows, or process mapping, is a great way to capture the current need for daily and sometimes hourly changes practices are experiencing with the recent COVID-19 crisis. The advantage of mapping a process as a group of inter-related steps is that you document the process from multiple perspectives.


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on 30 Mar 2020 2:47 AM
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HealthTeamWorks is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare transformation with over 20 years of experience helping medical practices, physician organizations and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) improve their performance in delivering value-based services. Through partnership and innovation, their subject matter expertise and service solutions have helped providers improve clinical quality outcomes, patient experience, and provider vitality, while reducing escalation in per capita cost of medical care.

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on 23 Apr 2018 12:00 AM
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Much like evidence-based medicine and clinical care pathways, there is much to gain by following a “what works” approach to network design and development. Based on years of experience studying and building effective value-based networks of physicians, HealthTeamWorks has identified 7 proven levers or drivers of change and performance.

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Integration and coordination are the name of the game as we move into alternative payment models and regional accountability.

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What is Data Validation?


Practices can expand patient access by effectively utilizing health information technology (HIT) such as patient portals and advanced telecommunications.