What is HealthTeamWorks®?

HealthTeamWorks is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to leading providers, systems and payers on a proven pathway to increased effectiveness as they prepare for new payment models. By facilitating healing relationships of trust, we amplify the role and responsibility of each team member. With 20 years under our belt, we’ve guided more than 5,000 practices to achieve higher quality care and financial sustainability.

What is your vision and mission?

Our vision: Through partnership and innovation, serve as a nationally recognized leader at the forefront of healthcare transformation by providing exceptional, high-quality guidance, resources and solutions delivered by passionate professionals.

Our mission: Enable health care clients to achieve measurable quality, performance and financial improvements through trusted client collaboration, informed guidance and a shared commitment to achieve improved patient care and experience, provider vitality, lower costs, and healthier communities.

What do you do?

HealthTeamWorks® has a national reputation for providing training, services and support to primary care and specialist practices, physician and payer organizations, integrated delivery networks, ACOs and others across the country. We are passionate leaders, providing exceptional guidance and solutions in healthcare transformation. We guide practices as they implement processes and strategies to achieve better patient care and experience, provider vitality, lower costs, and healthier communities.

Where is HealthTeamWorks based?      

We are located in Denver, CO, but support practices across the country and internationally to achieve measurable improvement in quality, performance and financial results. You can contact us by calling 303.446.7200 or emailing us at info@healthteamworks.org.

When and why was HealthTeamWorks started?

We were founded in 1996 as the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative to address the multiple—and often conflicting—clinical guidelines issued by health plans, medical societies and government and private agencies, and to develop broad stakeholder consensus to support one guideline per condition. At that time, clinicians often discarded guidelines because they weren’t consistent or easy to use. Over the years, we evolved to better achieve our mission of improving health and healthcare. We continue to extend our suite of services to enable network and practice transformation, workforce development and targeted services that facilitate patient-centered care and ongoing quality improvement.

What solutions does HealthTeamWorks provide?

HealthTeamWorks offers a range of services designed to support practices and health systems as they build the technology, workforce and process infrastructure required for patient-centered, value-based care delivery. Our suite of services includes: 

Please see our services summary for more information.

What federal, state or other payer programs does HealthTeamWorks support?

Over the past eleven years, HealthTeamWorks has supported more than 5,000 practices participating in quality improvement and transformation programs such as: 

How does HealthTeamWorks support practices and healthcare providers?

HealthTeamWorks supports practices by collaboratively engaging the entire practice team to establish the sustainable team-based care model. That includes developing the practice leadership, practice champion and care manager roles.  To achieve highest impact, our model aligns with the medical home model of integrating primary care and behavioral healthcare while supporting the 5-Part Aim of increased clinical quality, lowered costs, improved patient experience, workplace satisfaction, and thriving healthcare businesses.

HealthTeamWorks’ experienced program managers, practice facilitators, health information technology coaches and project coordinators are in the field helping practices every day.  HealthTeamWorks also offers health practices a full array of training modules, documentation templates, data tools, and learning resources to support ongoing development and improvement.