4 Online Learning Paths in the Series

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Program and Role Development

• Analyzing Practice Data to Define the Program • Creating a Job Description • Responsibilities and Caseloads: How Much Can a Care Manager Really Handle? • Communicating the Importance of Addressing Social Needs • Establishing Boundaries to Protect Your ROI •

Hiring for Impact

• Important Skills for the Ambulatory Care Management Role • Behavioral-Based Interviewing for the Care Manager Role • Assessing for Essential Skills • Remediation When a Care Manager Lacks Necessary Skills • 

Supporting Care Team Integration

• Addressing the Challenges of Care Team Integration • Finding a Champion for Care Management • Introducing the Role of Care Manager to the Care Team • Monitoring and Mitigating Care Manager Burnout •

Evaluating the Success of Your Care Management Program - Coming Soon!


Leading Care Management Training Series

With a long-standing focus on patient care, Care Managers have the potential to impact health outcomes and associated reimbursement. But their success depends largely on their ability to focus on the tasks that drive behavior change for patients with high-risk or complex conditions. Care Managers need help from leadership to maintain focus and not be derailed by tasks that can and should be performed by other team members.

HealthTeamWorks has developed a series of trainings to equip managers to address the top five challenges experienced by the care managers we’ve worked with:

Update your skills and empower your care managers to drive results.

Introductory pricing per program starts at just $575. Pricing includes 12 months of access to 200+ Solutions Center resources (a $400 value).                                                                           

What's included in this training:

Do you have a team of managers that could benefit from our Leading Care Management training?

We offer a range of flexible learning modes to set the pace and schedule that’s right for you. Call us to customize the training for your organization.

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