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HealthTeamWorks Primary Care First (PCF) Revenue Calculator


The HealthTeamWorks PCF Revenue Calculator, available free of charge, has been designed for primary care practices to better understand, prepare for, and ultimately succeed in the Primary Care First program. This tool focuses on revenue forecasting for two CMS payment model options within the Primary Cares Initiative, 

1) Primary Care First, and 

2) Primary Care First plus Seriously Ill Populations.

This Calculator uses Medicare Fee-for-Service revenue modeling as a comparator to further inform practices' PCF business decision-making and planning regarding participation.



To get started, be sure to visit the, the CMS Innovation webpage for Primary Care First. It's the definitive source of information about the payment model and has links to the practice application (Request for Application), webinars, and other resources.

Next, read the Primary Care First Revenue Calculator Introduction. This guide will provide program context to the calculator and walk you its use. 

Finally, access the Calculator to test various practice-specific scenarios using your own  data and assumptions regarding participation. 



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