• HealthTeamWorks team is equipped to recommend and support implementation of changes to drive performance improvement, secure income for outcomes, and improve patient experience and team vitality.

The new Primary Care First (PCF) payment models represent a significant shift in Medicare payment for primary care practices. HealthTeamWorks PCF Support will help those participating in the new payment model options that start in January 2021. Through our unparalleled experience over more than 20 years, including CPC+ National Learning Network Faculty and Regional Practice Facilitators in two CPC+ states, we understand the challenges advanced primary care practices face in responding to alternative payment model requirements. 


Key services and interactions through 2021:

Primary Care First Support


Online support from HealthTeamWorks’ experts includes:

• HealthTeamWorks Assessment to inform Prioritized Recommendations

​• Guidance to leverage CMS Data for Performance & Payment Optimization

• Small-Group Online Coaching meetings focused on your priorities

• Monthly Group Virtual Learning Sessions on topics essential to all PCF participants

• Access to HealthTeamWorks’ Solutions Center Tools, Peer Forums, and Collaboration Networks

• In-Person Collaborative Learning Meeting in Denver, CO

• Individualized level of support via picklist of Additional Service Options

[NOTE: These services are a supplement to the Learning System that CMS will provide]

Downloads/More Information:

PCF Support Information

HealthTeamWorks Core PCF Practice Support Model

Our Core PCF Practice Support Model focuses on advanced topics and peer collaboration. Topic areas include the following, but will be influenced by the needs of all participating practices and targeted to meet PCF performance thresholds.

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