The Nurses Voice Network was launched in 2015 to increase the voice of nurses working across primary care in the United Kingdom. This group is part of the Innovation work through the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC). The NAPC is a leading membership organization representing the interests of primary care professionals including general practitioners, nurses, practice staff, pharmacists, opticians and dentists. It is at the center of shaping the future of healthcare, spreading innovation, influencing policy, supporting and connecting professionals across primary care – enabling them to provide world-class sustainable patient-centered healthcare.

Join us for a panel discussion with members of the Network as they discuss what they have learned about the role of the nurse in primary care and the needs for continued development of the role.

Through a focus group, the Nurses' Voice Network identified three areas of need:

How does this align with the nurse’s role in Primary Care in the United States? Register Now to join the discussion.

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