Many practices seek NCQA recognition to ensure their patients get the best care at the right time. Participation in this program demonstrates a provider's commitment to follow specific guidelines to improve their patients’ health.

Here are some lessons learned from one of our clients, a provider system that is working with practices to achieve NCQA recognition*:

It’s about the long-game: “We learned that individuals going through PCMH recognition need to understand what practice transformation is and how to apply the tools to their practices to create change, not just how to fill out templates. Documentation is important, but secondary, if you don’t make the changes necessary for the long-run.”

Be flexible and open to change: “The way we saw the project changed throughout the course of the year. The initial thought was that for the practices would complete the PCMH application on their own and the tools were initially would be self-directed resources – but later it became clear that practices needed on-site assistance. Our team accessed the tools often – and we could share resources with practices. Personally, the templates were really useful for us to understand as well as to help others understand the information, requirements and the end result.”

Motivation, a key element to success: “We saw that motivation was a key driver in the practices’ engagement with the tools and their overall success. For example, one of the practices began the process extremely proactive and engaged, and they were incredibly successful in the project. They not only had knowledge around healthcare, they also had business acumen and were savvy; they understood that PCMH is good business and were committed to its completion.

Many of the practices were really small and minimally-staffed, and really benefited from the one-on-one support to help with on-boarding, and the coach, in fact, served as a project manager. Success around the PCMH application was driven by the active utilization of technical assistance and in-person support.“

HealthTeamWorks® has utilized proven best practices and in-depth knowledge to help over 200 practices achieve NCQA Level 3 PCMH recognition and sustainable transformation.  We work with practices and groups to build a culture of continuous improvement and train workforces for ongoing sustainability on the journey towards value-based care every day.

 *This provider system requested to remain anonymous. We appreciate their time in providing feedback to improve our delivery service and programs.