APM Risk Readiness Evaluation


Transforming healthcare and transitioning to value-based delivery are terms that may sound inviting and worthy but can be overwhelming. We’ve been on a significant journey over the last decade to become more patient-centered and to shift our approach from fee-for-service to value-based payment and delivery models. Many complexities come into play when working to impact outcomes for an empaneled population and perform to benchmarks or higher.

Never fear… no matter where you are on the journey, there are many ways to jump in. The important thing is to start and keep forward momentum across your organization.

Evaluating Performance Improvement

A logical first step may be to evaluate current state and performance. 

  • How are we performing overall? 
  • Of all the drivers that impact our performance and ability to succeed in downside risk, where are we strong and where are there opportunities to become better? 
  • What are our organizational challenges? 
  • How do we move forward together from leadership to front line care delivery? 
  • What problems exist that we don’t see? 

Solving a specific problem, challenge, or dilemma…

No matter how far along you are on the journey to value, there are inevitably sticking points. Challenges that are adaptive in nature and persistent, problems we experience but can’t quite diagnose, or problems clearly identified but not yet addressed. 

While adaptive challenges require an integrated solution, there are iterative steps to root cause analysis and implementation that result in meaningful progress. In many cases, focusing on one point of pain or one key challenge promotes buy-in, re-energizes your workforce, and builds momentum for the journey.

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ACO Readiness to Take on Financial Risk in Light of CMS' Final Rule: Pathways to Success



Kristi Bohling-DaMetz, RN, BSN, MBA
Chief Strategy Officer

Blake Williamson, MD, MS, FACPE
Managing Partner
Healthcare Innovations Consulting Group, LLC