To date, 15 practices with HealthTeamWorks support for practice transformation facilitation and data analytics have achieved “exemplar practice” designation under the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi). Working through designated peer-based learning networks, TCPi practices receive coaching and technical assistance to help clinicians and their practice teams navigate the transition from a fee-for-service care delivery approach to what it takes to excel in value-based reimbursement arrangements. Now is a critical time for practices to be gearing up for payment based on value, because provider compensation is quickly changing as a result of the Medicare Quality Payment Program (MACRA), as well as increasing demands from commercial insurance companies to engage in value-based contracting.

TCPi is funded by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. HealthTeamWorks provides a practice facilitator and transformation coach for 50 primary and specialty care practices under the program. The facilitator offers brings technical assistance for evaluating and assessing the practices’ current performance while guiding the development of practice-based improvement projects.

HealthTeamWorks clinical health information technology advisors (CHITAs) help practices learn to pull and validate data, understand the relationship between data and reporting, and guide the use of data for a range of applications, from quality reporting to cost and utilization analysis. The idea is for data to support the work of ongoing transformation, whether practices are already participating in value-based programs or are readying for future participation.

TCPi data is reported to CMS on four levels: a bi-annual practice assessment tool, quarterly reporting of clinical quality measures, data to demonstrate cost reduction and patient and family engagement activities. Data-driven improvements in all four categories earns a TCPi practice recognition as an “exemplar.”

HealthTeamWorks coaching activities in December 2018 and January 2019 led to the development of comprehensive value propositions for these exemplar practices. As one practice noted in a national registry post, HealthTeamWorks’ support was integral to its achievement:

“We would not have been this successful without the guidance and support of the TCPi team; Jaclyn King and Jennifer Halfacre (of HealthTeamWorks) keeping us on track and focused, Dr. Carol Greenlee meeting with providers and brainstorming with us new ideas to cut costs, and Gail Armstrong helped us to create a supportive culture. We knew we wanted to meet measures to reduce cost and enhance patient care and patient experience, but what we didn’t know was how much being part of this program would strengthen our teams.” 

~ CEO Cathy Higgins. Boulder Centre for Orthopedics

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