Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi)-Colorado


Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi) was a national program aimed to support practice transformation efforts towards alternative payment models (APM)s. Launched in 2015, TCPi was the first practice transformation program that supported 140,000 specialists across the country. HealthTeamWorks Practice Facilitators (PF) and the Clinical Health Information Technology Advisor (CHITA) supported 27 specialty practices, including 8 community mental health centers in Colorado.

The TCPi program was structured with 22 milestones -transformation activities – that support practice’s through the completion of 5 TCPi Phases. Milestones range from protocols and relationships with the medical neighborhood to patient and family centered care strategies. Through two years of HealthTeamWorks coaching, all practices made significant strides in their milestone achievement. Of the 22 specialty practices, 18 completed all 22 milestones and thus “graduated” from the TCPi program. One of the remaining practices ended the program in phase 3, and three ended the program in phase 4.

Additionally, CMS recognized TCPi practices as either exemplar, early exemplar, or improvement practices at the conclusion of TCPi.  In order to be considered an ‘exemplar’ practice, the following improvements had to be demonstrated.

•             Completion of Phase 4 or 5

•             Demonstrated improvements in clinical quality measures (CQM)s

•             Proven cost reduction strategies that generated a cost savings for the practice’s patients and payers

•             Demonstrated patient and family engagement (PFE) activities

As a leader in practice transformation, HealthTeamWorks can attest to the extensive work that is required for a practice to achieve in the categories listed above. Of the TCPi practices, 10 received TCPi ‘exemplar’ status.

In conclusion, HealthTeamWorks achieved the aim for TCPi, preparing specialists for alternative payment models. Only 3 of the 22 specialist practices are not actively participating in APMs at the conclusion of TCPi. In both cases, the practices primarily are self-pay and not engaged in commercial, Medicare nor Medicaid contracts. Specialists are eager to engage in advanced transformation work and HealthTeamWorks is a proven leader in these efforts.

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