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Hanna Moffett                                                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/6/2023


HealthTeamWorks and ICCC Organizational Leadership Announcement

GOLDEN, CO: The Boards of Directors of HealthTeamWorks and Iowa Chronic Care Consortium (ICCC) are pleased to announce Cecilia L. Saffold as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the partner organizations.

This leadership change represents an exciting move forward as unified nonprofit organizations offering a suite of aligned population health, community well-being and organization development services. In this case, the whole is greater than its parts as HealthTeamWorks' approach to healthcare delivery redesign and ICCC's expertise in Clinical Health Coach and Community Health Worker training round out the key components healthcare organizations need to deliver better patient care and succeed in alternative payment models.

HealthTeamWorks’ vision, mission and strategies remain unchanged through this transition in leadership. Cecilia provides business continuity in the execution of priorities to (1) Increase Successful APM Participation, (2) Foster Resilience in Primary Care, and (3) Bridge Clinical, Public Health and Communities. Additionally, the leadership acumen and operational experience of Cynthia Molina, current Director of Organizational Excellence, further galvanize the strength and continuity of the Senior Leadership team.

Kristi Bohling-DaMetz, former CEO of HealthTeamWorks, has been named Director of Aging and Adult Services at the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), the association of local governments and metropolitan planning organizations for the Kansas City region. "I look forward to this new adventure and the opportunity to work collaboratively alongside health and community-based organizations within and across my community. It has been an absolute honor to serve as CEO for HealthTeamWorks in the ever-important pursuit of health, equity, and resilience. HealthTeamWorks and the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium are vital in achieving value-based whole person health." The Board expresses their deepest appreciation for all Kristi has done for and accomplished at HealthTeamWorks and the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium.

Cecilia Saffold, MBA, PMP, previously Chief Operating Officer (COO) at HealthTeamWorks and ICCC, has served within organizations enhancing community health for twenty years. She cultivates HealthTeamWorks' internal culture of continuous improvement and high product and service standards by forming and directing a Project Management Office (PMO), sharing accountability for financial performance, and leading company performance evaluation activities.

Cecilia planned and executed strategy while leading national practice transformation teams at TransforMED and Clear Sky One, LLC, where she impacted hundreds of primary care and specialty practices within clinically integrated health systems, residencies, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and rural solo provider practices. Before planning and executing strategy while leading national practice transformation teams, she took on the impacts of poverty and environmental racism as a Housing Litigation Paralegal at the Shriver Center on Poverty Law and as Real Estate Development Project Manager at Bethel New Life on the Westside of Chicago.

Ms. Saffold's commitment to community health has bridged her professional life and personal advocacy, including extensive civic participation. For example, she has advocated for environmental responsibility for eight years as a Brownfields Commissioner appointed by two Mayors of the City of Kansas City, Missouri. In addition, she collaborates with the other founding members of Uzazi Village's Community Expert Review Board to promote improved Black reproductive rights and maternal-infant health outcomes by amplifying Black women's and birthing persons' experiences, influencing equitable research, and ensuring culturally congruent care. Most recently, Ms. Saffold contributed her efforts and insights to the strategic design and execution of the Kansas City Health Equity Learning and Action Network in partnership with Health Forward Foundation, KC Health Collaborative (KCHC), and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

About HealthTeamWorks

HealthTeamWorks, a national 501c3 non-profit launched in 1996 as the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative (CCGC), exists today to solve complex healthcare problems in the pursuit of health, equity, and resilience. Amid significant transitions in healthcare, HealthTeamWorks provides proven expertise in performance improvement, organization development, and training to foster value in Alternative Payment Models (APM), improve access to culturally responsive whole-person care, and advance workforce readiness. We strive for healthy individuals, healthcare organizations, and communities. As such our refreshed strategic direction commits to building on our work to:

  • Expand culturally responsive, whole-person care by bridging clinical, public health, and community-based systems.
  • Result in active partnerships with Grassroots and Grasstops organizations addressing drivers of health disparities.
  • Provide thought leadership and innovative solutions for current and future challenges in achieving Health, Equity, and Resilience.

Mission: Collaboratively transform healthcare through performance improvement, organization development, and training resulting in strengthened communities and culturally responsive high-quality care.

Vision: Health. Equity. Resilience.