Our team and network of partners at HealthTeamWorks are eager to return in 2022 with new events and resources to support communities' health, equity, and resilience. Look out for more details in the coming months, but until then, here are some highlights of past webinars, roundtables, and discussions.

Care Management Post Pandemic: Prioritizing Individual Care Within Population Health Management

Diane Cardwell, Senior Practice Facilitator, provides insights gained in supporting clinical practices during the pandemic and offers practical strategies in care management that have resulted in positive health outcomes for patients and practices. In addition, she leads a panel discussion with clinics that have discovered innovative approaches in meeting patient needs during this stressful timeframe.  

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Trauma-Informed Care: Where to Start

We introduced a Trauma-Informed Practice Assessment and tips for getting started in this session. Speakers discussed determining the first steps to creating a cooperative trauma-informed environment for staff using the Trauma-Informed Practice Assessment and recognizing what a trauma-informed environment looks like. They then introduced strategies for leadership to provide a trauma-informed environment for staff.

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