We’re very pleased to announce that Kristi Bohling-DaMetz has joined the HealthTeamWorks® organization as Chief Strategy Officer.  With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Business Administration and more than than 20 years of combined experience in healthcare delivery, training and transformation, Kristi will be an exceptionally effective leader in the expansion of our existing clinical practice transformation and workforce development programs.  She’ll also guide the operationalization of new services and the planning and implementation of new channels for delivering existing HealthTeamWorks® resources.

Hiring Kristi is one key step in building the organization’s capacity to continuously achieve balanced organizational performance with an emphasis on growth – while we strive to achieve our 2016 operating goals and passionately pursue our shared vision for the future.  Previously, Kristi was a leader at TransforMED – a subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians – where she acted as Program Director for CMMI’s Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood Health Care Innovation Award.  She led a team of Project Managers, Consultants, Practice Coach Facilitators, and Training and Development Managers to improve outcomes quality, cost savings, patient experience, and scalability across 15 communities.  She convened health systems, practices, and community stakeholders to share learning, develop individualized and collaborative solutions, and disseminate learnings via presentations, webinars and panel discussions. In her role she also championed the implementation and use of actionable data, population health management workflow,  clinical integration, evidence-based guidelines and protocols, risk-stratified care management, process efficiencies and development of medical neighborhoods and community collaboration.  Most recently, Kristi acted as a Lead Associate at the strategy and technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, where she served the U.S. government as a senior advisor and subject matter expert for the Data Support and Feedback Reporting contract on the CMS Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative.

In addition to this deep experience in clinical practice transformation, Kristi’s background includes significant work in healthcare workforce development and continuing education. While at TransforMED, Kristi led the development and delivery of Care Manager/Coordinator training incorporating adult learning principles and implementation methodology.  She also spent five years as the Continuing Nursing Education Coordinator at Kansas Learning Center for Health where, among other duties, she created, funded and marketed continuing education programs, and led/taught sessions for healthcare professional certifications.  Kristi’s unique background and experience will inform strategies for HealthTeamWorks® to evolve as future opportunities draw the company into initiatives that integrate the healthcare delivery and social safety net systems/social determinants of health in Colorado and beyond.