According to research funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, care management has emerged as a primary means of managing the health of a defined population. To achieve better care for individuals, healthier populations and lower costs—all factors to achieve value within advanced payment models—healthcare delivery organizations must effectively integrate care management. Care managers often come to the job from backgrounds in nursing and social work, although medical assistants and other team members can be trained for the role as well.

HealthTeamWorks is a leader in training care management teams, conducting live training specifically for those in this key role in the context of practice facilitation as well as in focused workforce development and education programs. Despite the need for knowledgeable care managers, however, few organizations can afford to devote large swaths of time to care management training.

“The cost of face-to-face training, along with the time away from the practice to travel to a training site, is often a barrier,” says Kristen Stine, learning and diffusion manager at HealthTeamWorks. “With online training, we can reach a broader audience and at the same time go more in-depth into the materials.”

For the first time, HealthTeamWorks’ has combined healthcare learning faculty, learning design capabilities and hands-on experience in team facilitation to produce an interactive training approach for care managers that’s available 24/7 and accessed online. Because the approach is interactive, participants will have the opportunity to share their work with peers and HealthTeamWorks’ subject matter experts for feedback and support.

Training is delivered through learning paths, each of which includes several courses. The courses themselves are divided into brief modules of no more than 20 minutes each—a structure that reflects adult learning design best practices.

The first learning path, Essentials of Care Management is available now and covers 15 topics that serve as a foundation for care manager competency, including empanelment, risk stratification, assessment and documentation, motivational interviewing, and patient activation and readiness for change.

The introductory cost for Essentials of Care Management is $849, which includes all materials for 12 months of training, with unlimited access to the tools, resources and tips in HealthTeamWorks’ Solutions Center (a $400 value).

Additional training paths for those who lead or are starting a care management program will be released in May and the next  learning path for care managers, Caring for High-Risk & Vulnerable Populations, is expected for release in June.


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