Leading the quality improvement efforts on the healthcare team requires a unique set of skills. You need to understand the nuts and bolts of QI cycles, process mapping, and using data. But you also need to learn the role of facilitator and the nuances of group dynamics so you’re truly facilitating an engaged team.

During more than a decade of practice transformation and facilitating healthcare quality improvement efforts, HealthTeamWorks developed a strong face-to-face quality improvement facilitator training program for practice or system facilitators, coaches, and practice managers who support quality improvement within a healthcare setting. For the first time, HealthTeamWorks has translated these core concepts into an interactive learning path, Facilitating Quality Improvement, that’s available 24/7 and accessed online.

The learning path arms practice facilitators and quality improvement coaches with the tools they need to create a continuous quality improvement environment and become self-sustaining in those efforts. Created for professionals both new to and already on the path to quality improvement in their practices, it also helps to create efficiency in day-to-day work and positions practices for success in an environment rapidly shifting towards value-based reimbursement.

Like the Essentials of Care Management training announced last month, Facilitating Quality Improvement is offered online to support practice facilitators as they learn while working in a busy practice. HealthTeamWorks will continue to offer Facilitating Quality Improvement as a live training, but has added online and virtual (webinar-based) learning modes to accommodate a range of learning preferences and needs.

The online training is interactive and expected to take about six months to complete, notes Kristen Stine, HealthTeamWorks’ program manager. However, the course materials and learning paths are available to participants for 12 months to accommodate for multiple short-term projects or multiple phases of a longer quality improvement project.

“The ability to access the materials over 12 months allows participants to tailor how and when they will customize the learning to their practice,” says Heather Walker, HealthTeamWorks’ learning experience designer. “That gives them time to adapt to what works best for their schedule. The content is available where and when they need it.”

Adult learning methods include use of brief animated videos to introduce participants to a new concept. The learning path also uses branching scenarios in which the learner is presented with a case study and prompted to choose a path they should follow to succeed. “Following the path prompted by right answers or wrong answers allows them to test assumptions and hopefully have some fun along the way,” Stine says.

Facilitating Quality Improvement comprises nine online courses, each of which is divided into brief modules of no more than 15 minutes each. The introductory cost is $749, which includes all materials for 12 months of training, with unlimited access to the tools, resources and tips in HealthTeamWorks’ Solutions Center (a $400 value). Courses in the learning path include:

  • The Role of the Healthcare Facilitator
  • The Compass Points of Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Teaming for Quality Improvement
  • Using Data to Inform Change
  • Tools to Develop a Global Aim Statement
  • Process Mapping Current & Future State
  • The Power of Questions
  • Root Cause and Gap Analysis
  • Model for Improvement and PDSA

For more information about HealthTeamWorks’ online facilitator training, email solutions@healthteamworks.org, or call 303.446.7200.