By Kristi Bohling-DaMetz, RN, BSN, MBA, Chief Strategy Officer, HealthTeamWorks

If HealthTeamWorks Solution Center is your ‘Go To for How To’, a significant element has to be interacting with others across the country. Solution Center Interactive provides a virtual platform to hear from leaders, interact in real time with panelists, pose questions that are important to individual participants, and share what works across a national learning community. 

Solution Center Interactive events makes the world a little smaller. Solutions to problems we face today are, no doubt, out there.  Sharing information from teacher to learner may be necessary, but not sufficient in solving complex challenges. The richness of learning, including tangible take-aways, occurs when panelists and attendees from diverse sectors of healthcare actively participate and contribute. Our most valuable discussions to-date have involved interaction with attendees and cross-community collaboration. 

So how do we, together, continue to make a difference in healthcare…?

Expand the learning community… Stay up to date on trends and emerging approaches to improving healthcare. Help define topics and adaptive challenges that require learning and input from multiple stakeholders. Engage in active problem solving and contribute to thought leadership.  Gain wisdom from others you many not normally reach. Be curious. Connect with others doing similar work.  Become more effective by not recreating the wheel. Find what works and build strategies for sustainability and scalability. 

Be an active participant in the virtual Solution Center Interactive learning community and collaborate on real-time solutions!