With the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) model ending for all model participants on December 31, 2021, practices are thinking about what’s next.

Primary Care First (PCF) is a primary care initiative announced by CMS in April 2019 to accelerate innovation in the delivery of advanced primary care. The model builds on the underlying principles of CPC+ and serves as an opportunity for practices to prioritize the clinician-patient relationship with flexible care options and increase revenue through performance-based payments. CMS issued a Cohort 2 Request for Applications and extended the application deadline for practices to May 21, 2021.

If you are considering participating the Primary Care First model, you are no doubt considering the following:

There are many considerations to weigh in deciding to participate in a new payment model.

We welcome your use of HealthTeamWorks revenue comparison calculator as one tool to assist in exploring the right path for your practice(s). The ultimate decision to participate in PCF should be made by your practice based on multiple variables. We are here to help and offer a brief walk-through and discussion about using your data to explore if application to the PCF Model is right for your practice. 


While we believe value-based payment better aligns with the delivery of high-quality care, we encourage practices to establish an overarching strategy for transitioning to value-based care and payment unique to your circumstances… including your timeline, goals, return and value on investment, culture of learning and continuous improvement, population health infrastructure, workforce development plan, and risk readiness.

Knowing direct practice support will not be provided as part of participation in the model, practices may decide to seek coaching and facilitation or advice and guidance. HealthTeamWorks is well-positioned to provide PCF support with flexible design options.


Contact us at if you would like to schedule a complementary walk through of the revenue comparison calculator, or if you would like to discuss contracting options for direct support in this and other alternative payment models.


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