We are a team of passionate, forward-thinking individuals who are ready to break down the perpetual barriers and silos preventing innovation across our nation’s healthcare industry. Throughout each of our distinct career paths, we all arrived at the same conclusion—something must be done, and it must be done now.

Together, our team discovered that established health organizations are profoundly committed to innovation and progress. Similarly, we saw established innovators and ambitious startups entering the world of healthcare, all dedicated to solving problems within our industry. But there was disconnect, and established healthcare organizations, facing pressures from many fronts, were finding it challenging to discover the right companies to solve their unique problems. Out of this disconnect, Amplify Labs was born.

We are confident the power of community can solve the industry’s toughest problems. We designed our Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS) model to develop substantive relationships and connect clients to partners who will drive their pathway to innovation. We commit. We communicate. We collaborate. Our EaaS brings the different components of the industry into a single space, fostering a culture in which together, we can reimagine healthcare.