About Us

CSuite Solutions was formed to attract the most senior and accomplished health care industry executives in their respective fields. They have spent most of their long careers transforming hospitals and major health care systems, physician groups and other providers into efficient and financially robust operating organizations. These C-Level executives are now dedicating their talents and connections to helping their peers successfully navigate through these transformative times.

Our Mission

To use our decades of experience and expertise to optimize the healthcare industry’s current volume-based business model while at the same time taking the required steps to achieve a more effective, value-based approach.

Our Philosophy

Fee-for-service reimbursement is not dead. Although value-based care payments are increasing, health systems and hospitals continue to be largely paid on a fee-for-service basis.  The challenge for providers is to successfully navigate today’s volume-driven model while transitioning to value-based care. The critical decisions involving the commitment to this journey and timing of it are fraught with numerous challenges – primarily focused on how best to bridge the financial gap while moving from volume to value.

We advise our clients to focus on a strategy that will drive success regardless of payment model. The core of this approach is a focus on becoming the market-leading provider of value, one that delivers high quality care at a low cost. To become this leader of value, a healthcare system must optimize its operating fundamentals, primarily: revenue cycle, managed care contracting, physician recruitment, patient acquisition and engagement, IT, population health and performance management. Without optimizing these core functions, a successful transition to value is at risk.

To drive risk out of the transition-to-value journey, we place great emphasis on helping our clients to improve financial and operating results in the short term while laying the groundwork for the core value-based business model changes to come. During each step of the journey our team of senior level c-suite advisors will be “on call” to assist your c-suite leadership team as well as your enterprise project leaders to help move your healthcare organization forward.