S.K.Y. Connect, LLC consultants are industry experts with more than 50+ years of healthcare industry experience. We have applied our trade in a variety of healthcare settings both clinical and administrative including hospitals, emergency physician groups, physician practices, medical plans, hospice care, in-patient and group psychiatric facilities as well as revenue cycle firms. We have worked as clinicians, closely with clinicians and in a variety of administrative roles. Our team has hands-on experience with day-to-day operations in Medical Staff Services, Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Compliance, Practice Transformation, Training, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Facilities Planning and Operations. Our expertise has been developed in managed care organizations, governmental agencies, not-for-profit organizations, for profit firms and at academic institutions. We have worked from California to Tennessee and many places in-between. Our broad range of talents and qualifications permit us to focus, quickly, on your firm’s needs and provide you with the experienced expertise you require to succeed.

Our Mission

We connect, educate and activate business solutions for healthcare that optimize the patient experience and improve quality of care.

Value Proposition

ALL of our solutions are designed to elevate operational performance and produce an enduring improvement in patient care.

We connect you to opportunities. Not by simply providing a plan but, by providing tools, training and experience in the unique success aspects of your firm. Utilizing your team’s experience as a backdrop, we set realistic actionable goals. S.K.Y. Connect’s consultants’ hands-on experience with planning and business process is focused on improving patient care that will empower your firm.

We educate. We coach. We influence the way your firm thinks and the way you work. We work to take your existing skills, knowledge and abilities to the next level. Combined with S.K.Y. Connect’s unique knowledge of clinical and business operations, your firm is enabled.

We develop active solutions. We ensure that every solution does more than simply provide information.  S.K.Y. Connect’s solutions are meant to drive change and bring about transformation in operations and patient care. We consider how things are now and provide the tools and knowledge to move forward so your firm’s operational changes are enduring.

S.K.Y. Connect’s solutions can be uniquely tailored or simply involve advancing the skill and knowledge level of your firm and employees.