Diane Cardwell, MPA, NP, PA-C has worked with primary care practices as a change advocate or in a primary care setting as a provider during her entire professional career. In her role as a transformational leader, she has promoted change in how healthcare is delivered at the system and physician/ provider/team level. Her work has emphasized primary care delivery models that utilize effective teams, promote quality improvement initiatives with practice owned data, optimize technology use and ensure effective population health strategies that truly improve the quality of health/life for individuals.

Diane’s work with primary care settings and healthcare systems has included:

  • Development of actionable quality and utilization measure reports that are meaningful at the system and primary care level of care.
  • Work with primary care physicians/providers and staff to ensure optimization of technology at the point of care. This includes workflows that optimize technology and development/ implementation of Quality of Care Standards with effective clinical decision support in the EHR.
  • Identification and management of high--‐risk population as a component of effective population health. This included development & training of a care manager team that is integrated in the primary care team.
  • Optimization of primary care reimbursement with an emphasis on success in value based payment models including Medicare and private payer shared savings reimbursement models and FFS models such as Medicare Chronic Care Management and Transitional Care Management opportunities.
  • Care coordination initiatives that optimize communication and roles between primary care and hospital settings, specialty physicians and community resources.
  • Lead facilitator in projects that reduced total cost of care and significantly improved quality of care measures.

Diane has worked at a national level with Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Initiatives such as the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative to develop appropriate tollgates for primary care and ensure national and regional resources to support success. She advocates for aligned change at all levels of the healthcare system to promote meaningful change and outcomes for healthcare consumers.