Jack Cochran, M.D. is the former Executive Director of the Permanente Federation. Prior to that he served the Colorado Region of Kaiser Permanente as a practicing surgeon, board member, Chairman and President and Executive Medical Director of the medical group. 

Dr. Cochran helped to implement and optimize the largest successful private clinical information system deployment in the world, and the progress of Kaiser Permanente to become a nationally recognized system for excellent clinical quality. He has served as a strong advocate for integrated care and physician leadership focused on the needs of patients. He was recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of the Top 50 Physician Leaders iin the U.S. in 2009, 2010, and 2012. He has a new book, "Healer, Leader, Partner: Optimizing Physician Leadership to Transform Healthcare," where he invites physicians to embrace these roles in catalyzing health care improvement.

Today, he is a professional speaker, an advisor, and investor to executive leaders and tech companies.