Change is hard. HealthTeamWorks® can help. We understand that the changes required to move from volume-to-value can be complex. This training helps address minimizing resistance by understanding the change process, the transitions associated with complex change, and your preferences or strengths in the face of change.

Attendees Will

Leverage preferences and strengths from StrengthsFinder and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to plan, implement, and sustain transformational change.

Identify the key components required to create a sustainable change plan

Create or adapt existing change plans and processes to accelerate change


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How our health team works with yours

HealthTeamWorks® workforce development programs and courses began in 2010, evolving into a nationally recognized program. With access to best practice tools and resources, participants engage in activities to apply learning and develop a peer learning community for continued growth and development in their role. Participants consistently report increased confidence to contribute to organizational objectives following our programs.

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