2022 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report by HealthTeamWorks

Letter from Our CEO

As I ponder the enormity of our vision for health, equity, and resilience in the world, it’s easy to be intimidated. Visions are supposed to be aspirational; they should inspire us. We, collectively, have a formidable task ahead of us.

Since our strategic refresh in 2020, much has happened to challenge this vision. Though lived experiences varied by individual and community, no one escaped the impact of a pandemic, of social unrest, and of its inevitable impact on health.

In 2022, while we worked alongside others in pursuit of this vision, we didn’t overlook our own need as an organization to remain resilient and to build equity into all that we do. We are unequivocally devoted to the pursuit of this vision. We can see it!

Desmond Tutu encouraged us all to ‘Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.’ This complex and adaptive work requires unrelenting energy. We rarely experience immediate reward. Progress is the name of the game, and we are here for it!...

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HealthTeamWorks provides expertise through proven performance improvement, organization development, and training services to optimize measurable outcomes, stakeholder experience, thriving businesses and healthy communities.

As a national organization, HealthTeamWorks is a convener fostering collaboration, value of investment, and innovative solutions in health and across industries.

HealthTeamWorks is a 501c3 nonprofit collaborative working to redesign the healthcare delivery system and promote integrated communities improving care for vulnerable populations. We engage and activate our clients to generate measurable and sustainable improvements.  

Past and current engagements include support for over 3,000 practices in large federal models such as national learning and dissemination for CMS’ Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) model. Regional statewide projects have included  Nebraska and Colorado (CPC+), Colorado’s State Innovation Model (CO-SIM), Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative (TCPI) in Colorado, and EvidenceNOW Southwest (ENSW) in Colorado and New Mexico. Additional projects focus on strategic planning and performance improvement at the organization and community level.


Collaboratively transform healthcare through performance improvement, organization development, and training resulting in a strengthened community and culturally responsive high-quality care.



Health. Equity. Resilience.



Commitment to Learning

Cultivating expertise, relevance, and expanding capabilities with an intrinsic commitment to individual and organizational learning, application, and dissemination

Continuous Improvement

Pursuing excellence and optimal impact by strengthening what’s working and changing what’s not


Addressing challenges with agility and fueled by data insights, stakeholder engagement, systems thinking, learning and curiosity


Working together across and outside the organization, with an abundance mindset


Deep regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of all people and the communities in which they live