HB22:1302 Healthcare Practice Transformation

As a free service HealthTeamWorks will advise your practice on the design of the ideal Behavioral Health Integration model to meet the needs of your patients.


HealthTeamWorks emphasizes the importance of understanding leadership in healthcare – from the challenges leaders face to the methods to promote their success. Not all leadership looks the same, and we want to address one of the questions that arises when developing leadership within healthcare: What does (or should) leadership in team-based care look like?

Clinical Health Coach v-Fusion Training: May 4 - July 27, 2023

Health coaching skills help engage patients in their self-care and assure that chronic care management is truly patient-centered. Enroll today for a 12-week course (a mix of online and zoom classes) and earn CEs awarded by the Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association.


HealthTeamWorks exists to solve complex healthcare problems. Amid significant transition and change in healthcare, we chose to embrace resilience, taking all of our rich history and expertise forward, while evolving to meet emerging challenges.

Our Vision: Health. Equity. Resilience.

Our Mission

Collaboratively transform healthcare through performance improvement, organization development, and training resulting in a strengthened community and culturally responsive high-quality care.


Desired Impact

We recognize the importance of rapid cycle change and cross-cutting insights in achieving our desired impact:


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More on Our Impact

Support Primary Care

Primary care is the heart of our nation’s health system, yet the sustainability of many practices is at risk due to a lack of support and funding. Consider donating today to ensure advanced primary care remains accessible in this increasingly dynamic and demanding environment. Your generosity means HealthTeamWorks can continue to provide transformation support often out of reach for practices, resulting in access to affordable high-quality care across the country. Your donation to HealthTeamWorks is tax deductible.


HealthTeamWorks Podcast: Health, Equity, and Resilience

HealthTeamWorks Podcast: Health, Equity, and Resilience brings you monthly in-depth conversations from across the health and healthcare community. Hear from healthcare stakeholders and community members on the latest news and topics ranging from population health and value-based care to patient experience and provider satisfaction.