InSTEP with Boulder Valley Women's Health Center

We had a conversation with Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center as they embark on the practice transformation journey, and learned from Cynthia Molina, Chief Executive Officer, as she shared her insights and perspectives on practice transformation.

Facilitating Quality Improvement

Learn and develop the basic skills needed to facilitate quality improvement in your practice or organization. Choose live or on demand.

Care Manager Training

Maximize success under value-based arrangements by addressing unique needs of patients with complex, chronic conditions and those identified as seriously ill.


HealthTeamWorks exists to solve complex healthcare problems. Amid significant transition and change in healthcare, we chose to embrace resilience, taking all of our rich history and expertise forward, while evolving to meet emerging challenges.

Our Vision: Health.Equity. Resilience.

Our Mission

Collaboratively transform healthcare through performance improvement, organization development, and training resulting in a strengthened community and culturally responsive high-quality care.


Desired Impact

We recognize the importance of rapid cycle change and cross-cutting insights in achieving our desired impact:


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