September 12th, 2018

For provider organizations striving to deliver on Triple Aim performance, the jury is back: he or she who owns the data, rules. Alas, we in healthcare delivery are often last in line--after payers, EHR vendors, and analytics companies--when it comes to data "competency"--namely, data ownership and use for the benefit of our empanelled patients. But there are alternatives, ones with healthcare providers in the driver's seat: This panel discussion brings key experts together to explore the tools and practices of Transformative Clinical Analytics.


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David Ehrenberger (Moderator) MD, HealthTeamWorks, Chief Medical Officer

October 17th, 2018

Most of the care and cost of care over a lifetime is focused on the final months of life. Alas, there is also the inconvenient truth that this concentrated "end of life" care is very often at odds with the wishes and desires of the patients themselves. This discussion will bring together experts in team and home-based care models that are centered on the values and directives of patients and their families. The results are as powerful as they are moving. These patients report they experience better quality of life and where they prefer to have it - at home. The literature shows they will also have a longer life.