HealthTeamWorks offers five hours of on-site trainings geared to address the opioid-use epidemic with curriculum developed by IT MATTTRs 2, a Colorado statewide initiative. This is a no-cost training and eligible providers and practices will receive compensation for the completion of the IT MATTTRs 2 curriculum. 

Eligibility and How it Works

Any practice with at least one provider with a waiver to prescribe buprenorphine is eligible for the program. See below for details about the provider-compensated training opportunities. 


Onsite Practice Facilitation

The curriculum will provide practice staff members with the knowledge and tools that are essential to support a comprehensive MAT (medication assisted treatment) program for patients with OUD (opioid use disorder) within their clinic. Practices must commit to having staff receive the 5 hours of training on the IT MATTTRs Curriculum in order to receive the Practice Compensation; see below for details.


Practice Compensation

Practices will be compensated $1,400 for completing the five one-hour training series. Practices currently participating in SIM are not eligible to receive additional compensation beyond their achievement-based payments (unless the training is offered in addition to the required SIM meetings), but are encouraged to incorporate the IT MATTTRs curriculum into their efforts.

Provider Training & Compensation

For more information on provider training and compensation, visit:

*Participating providers that apply for the DEA waiver will receive an additional $240

*Participating providers that apply for the DEA waiver will receive an additional $240 

How our health team works with yours

HealthTeamWorks® workforce development programs and courses began in 2010, evolving into a nationally recognized program. With access to best practice tools and resources, participants engage in activities to apply learning and develop a peer learning community for continued growth and development in their role. Participants consistently report increased confidence to contribute to organizational objectives following our programs.

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