Solutions Center Interactive

Solutions Center Interactive is our online school offering a series of web events, online learning modules, and peer discussion forums focused on topics of interest and urgency.

HealthTeamWorks leadership and industry experts present and offer insight on what’s happening in payment and care delivery reform. The focus will be on the impact to members and clients and how to prepare for upcoming industry changes.

Our panel of experts introduce a challenge commonly encountered, a “hot topic”, or innovative solution and provide insight based on their knowledge and experience. Attendees are encouraged to engage with the panel to share experience and ask questions. 

Our Roundtables highlight those front-line team members engaging in the work of implementing change tactics to reduce costs, improve quality, improve patient experience, improve provider & care team satisfaction, and organizational vitality.

Learning Labs are virtual working sessions. These sessions focus on a challenge or objective and drill down into the work required with the support of subject matter experts from HealthTeamWorks and/or Solutions Center members.

If you have topics you’d like to see covered in one of these event types, go to your account page and fill out the Solutions Center feedback form or email us at