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Implementation and Support for MOUD (ISM) is Now Enrolling Practices for Cohort 2!

ISM is a project offered through the Practice Innovation Program at CU to help practices increase access to Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) and build providers' confidence to successfully support patients in primary care.

Practices will receive up to $12,000 by completing specific milestones aimed at expanding MOUD services at their site. To help them do so, practices receive practice facilitation support for up to 12 months, which may flex over time in intensity, depending on the practice's needs. Support from a practice physician and addiction-trained subject matter expert will be available. 

Practices who have prescribed Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) to 4 or fewer patients in the last three months will be eligible to participate in the program.

Project implementation will begin in March 2023.

" ISM is a game-changer in terms of improving care for patient with OUD as well as patients with chronic pain who may be on long-term opioids. Not only does it provide space for practices to look at workflows, policies, and other logistics, but it provides space for a culture shift in how we think about caring for and connecting with patients broadly."

- Katie Ebinger, HealthTeamWorks ISM Cohort 1 Facilitator

HealthTeamWorks is excited and ready to support you through this implementation. Remember to add us as your Practice Transformation Organization Coach when you complete your application. Please contact us with any questions at 303.446.7200 or email us at solutions@healthteamworks.org.

Please note that a new application should be filled for each practice location you plan to enroll to the project.