Equitable Workplace Toolkit


The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and HealthTeamWorks have collaborated to develop a comprehensive toolkit for NACCHO members to tackle topics on diversity, equity, and inclusion in local health departments. 

This toolkit is designed for anyone who works for or within a government agency. Although some aspects of the toolkit may be more relevant to individuals in leadership, decision-making, or managerial positions, it can benefit professionals across all roles who are interested in promoting equity in their workplace.

The toolkit's content is based on extensive research by HealthTeamWorks' subject matter experts, real-world experiences, and feedback from local health department stakeholders across the country. Each section provides an overview of the concepts discussed and presents key strategies and components for putting these concepts into practice.

The toolkit includes stories from the field, tools, and templates to help guide professionals from abstract concepts to practical applications. It recognizes that there are multiple ways to implement the ideas in the toolkit in the real world.

Access the toolkit through this link or via the NACCHO Toolbox.

To learn more, or to request support, visit HealthTeamWorks.org.