Delivering an exceptional experience beyond medical care is among the most important measures a healthcare organization can take to ensure patient loyalty. From care to insurance coverage, to communications and billing, each touchpoint along the customer journey contributes to their overall experience and level of satisfaction.

Like the health teams and organizations it serves, HealthTeamWorks also is laser-focused on delivering an excellent customer experience. The industry standard is to regularly ask how we’re doing, what services are valued most and to ask the ultimate question of how likely customers are to recommend these services to a colleague.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures overall customer satisfaction and offers valuable insight into the total customer experience. The NPS is used across industries, including health care, to assess the likelihood a customer would recommend a product or service to friends and family. An NPS score of 70 or higher is considered by industry experts to be “world class” and an indicator of overwhelming customer loyalty.

HealthTeamWorks recently analyzed its NPS results from the first two quarters of 2019 and can report an average NPS of 72.

“We’ve made it a top priority to deliver the best possible experience for our clients,” said Bert Miuccio, HealthTeamWorks’ CEO. “Our latest Net Promoter Score is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our service delivery teams, project managers, trainers and support teams. Our passion to help our customers be successful is an important part of our mission and will continue to play a key role in our own growth.”

To calculate the latest Net Promoter Score, HealthTeamWorks surveyed customers at various intervals through the course of a program or training. Those surveyed were asked to rate the value of a wide range of HealthTeamWorks’ services and capabilities, including practice assessments, content expertise, leadership and culture, and practice facilitation and coaching.

Among the areas customers rated highest was knowledge and skills training. HealthTeamWorks offers a range of training programs for care managers, practice facilitators and others on the healthcare team.

“Expert coaching, professional development and peer learning are essential elements of practice transformation, so it is especially gratifying to see that our clients consider these offerings as providing great value,” Miuccio said.