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There is an art and a science to quality improvement and that results in better outcomes for value-based contracting. Whether you are just getting started or you lead large-scale quality initiatives on a daily basis, the Resource Library supports your efforts by making the most common tools and instructions available. 

Exploring the development and successful implementation internationally of new models of integrated care. June 2018


Change Capacity is the ability of an organization to change, not just once, but as a normal course of events. In this state, the organization anticipates and responds to internal and external shifts, which influences their growth and profitability, allowing them to be more competitive in the marketplace.


Change associated with healthcare is often referred to as "transformational" change. However, much like in a clinical setting, an inaccurate diagnosis can result in frustration, missteps, and additional problems . There are levels of complexity associated with change and each of those levels require specific resources. This resource will describe the levels of change and provide examples in a healthcare delivery setting.